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I sign this series of paintings with my Cherokee/Ojibway) name Gizhaadamokwe (Guardian Spirit Woman) and my family's fish clan symbol. 


Half in the Earth Half in the Sky Woman

30" x 40" Acrylic on Canvas

Honoring Crazy Horse

22" x 28" Acrylic on Canvas

This painting was inspired by my great, great grandmother. (My mother's grandmother.) Her name was Abitagamigookwe (Half in the Earth Half in the Sky Woman). She was Chippewa (Ojibwe). There are no photographs of her therefore I didn't know what she looked like. 

I created the likeness of Abita based on visions that came to me while I was painting this portrait of her.


This is my most loving and respectful tribute to a man who was called "Ta-Shunka-Witco" and was named Crazy Horse. He was the greatest of all the Lakota warrior-chiefs and a mystic. I painted this portrait to honor him and his amazing dedication to his people to gain their freedom. 

There are no known legitimate photographs of Crazy Horse and only a few historical accounts of his appearance. I do not claim that this is what he looked like. It is merely based on the visions that came to me while I was painting his portrait.

White Hawk Woman

16" x 20" Acrylic on Canvas

White Hawk Woman painting was created after having a dream vision of her. From her heart center flew a beautiful white hawk, flying.
She felt like a brave warrior and yet so gentle and loving. I tried to capture that likeness of what I saw in my dream.

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