I have had a passion for other species, the natural world, and art, since I was old enough to hold a crayon and sit on a horse. They are the inspiration for my paintings, as I try to convey a message of compassion for all species.  I am also an interspecies communicator since childhood. I share my home with an adopted dog and 3 rescued parrots. 

I am Ojibwe and Cherokee and a tribal member of the Ojibwe Nation. My family is of the Catfish clan. 

My paintings, posters, and prints are found in local galleries and private homes worldwide.


I have co-authored several published books about non-human species 

and birds.  I am presently writing my memoir about the amazing, senstient beings I have been fortunate enough to know on a very special level. 

"I try to intensify my sensitivity for the organic rhythm of all things; I seek pantheist empathy with the vibration and flow of the blood of nature - in the trees, the animals, in the air... I see no happier medium for the 'animalization' of art, as I would like to call it, than the animal picture." 
                                    ~ Franc Marc, German Painter 1880-1916

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