"I try to intensify my sensitivity for the organic rhythm of all things; I seek pantheist empathy with the vibration and flow of the blood of nature - in the trees, the animals, in the air... I see no happier medium for the 'animalization' of art, as I would like to call it, than the animal picture."  ~ Franc Marc
                     German Painter

I have had a passion for other species, the natural world, and art, since I was old enough to hold a crayon and sit on a horse. I am also an interspecies communicator since childhood.

I enjoy painting in all styles of art, from realism to abstract, creating paintings that inspire and feed the soul, and beautify environments.

My paintings, posters, and prints are found in local galleries and private homes worldwide.


I have co-authored several published books about non-human species 

and birds.  I am presently writing my memoir about the amazing, senstient beings I have been fortunate enough to know on a very special level. 

I am Ojibway and Cherokee and a tribal member of the Ojibway Nation. My family is of the Catfish clan. However, I am not solely defined by my heritage but also the soul of an artist and animal intuitive. I am vegan and share my home with an adopted dog and six rescued parrots. 

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